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October 14, 2019


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History - Industry - PPG Tarentum

Workmen Finishing Plate Glass Windows

The men at work here are giving the last finishing touches to the glass before it is cut into the proper sizes. This polishing is only necessary with glass that has been put into molds and formed by them. Blown glass does not need this finish.

The most salient feature of this industry is its recent mechanical growth. The art of making common glass has remained practically stationary for many centuries, which fact accounts largely for its comparatively recent use in the windows of houses and for the smaller utensils, such as drinking vessels. Not until about 1750 were any of the improvements begun which have brought it to its present industrial and commercial significance; and only within very recent years have the important advances been made.

In the manufacture of polished plate glass, great strides have been taken during the past twenty-five years. American works are now capable of making plate glass of all dimensions for glazing, silvering, and commercial use and to supply fully the entire domestic demand. The amount invested in this branch of the glass industry exceeds eight million dollars and the value of the product is nearly five million dollars. Practically the entire domestic demand for plate-glass is supplied by factories in Pennsylvania.

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